We are the Reconciling Congregations of
the Upper New York Annual Conference

Committed to nurturing each other:
through prayerful faith; faithful action; active communication;
and, by communicating a message of God's inclusive love
beyond our congregations... to all!

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Upper New York Reconciling Ministries
Supporters Are Writing the Bishop

In Support of Rev. Steve Heiss

    As you probably know by now, a formal complaint has been
    brought against Rev. Steve Heiss, pastor of Tabernacle UMC,
    Binghamton, for performing same-sex marriages. You can read
    more about the history and the current state of the process on
    Steve's blog, Rainbows and Sunspots.

    Many UNY Reconciling United Methodists have been wanting
    to know how they can provide support to Steve. A group of
    folks got together and came up with the great idea to start a
    Letter writing campaign

    If you feel moved to get involved in this witness, then write a
    letter or get allies and friends to write a letter to the Bishop.
    Tell your stories about why the UMC's stance on LGBT rights,
    including same-sex marriage continues to do untold harm, to
    you personally and to family and friends.

    Hand written letters that are mailed to in provide a greater
    impact, so please write your letter on paper and mail it to the
    Bishop's office:
                            Bishop Mark Webb
                            324 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
                            Syracuse, NY, 13210

    Create digital versions of these letters (if they are typed
    then send the Word or similar file, if they are handwritten
    scan them to a PDF file) and send them to Eric Yetter via
    email at eric@davespc.net

    You can read the letters that have already been sent in on
    the letters to the bishop blog site (click here).



Congratulations to
Fairport United Methodist Church!
Upper New York's
Newest Reconciling Congregation

Read more about Fairport UMC on RMN's Website


Upper NY RMN Google Group

         Thinking about becoming an RUM (Reconciling United
    Methodist)? Wondering how to get your church started on
    the road to becoming a Reconciling Congregation? Looking
    for opportunities to gather with others to learn and grow in
    your advocacy?
         Consider joining the Upper NY RMN Google Group.
    As a member of the group, you'll get occasional emails to
    keep you advised of upcoming events and postings from
    national RMN. You can also post a question or a suggestion
    to the group. Just send your request to the group's
    moderator at inviting.change@yahoo.com


An Altar for All

Over 1,100 Clergy Declare Obedience to the Gospel, our Baptismal
Covenenant of Care and Their Calling to Serve All of God's People

Upper New York's Statement:

   We are United Methodists, called to inclusiveness, instructed to
   be faithful to the example of Jesus' ministry to all persons, and
   charged to deny every semblance of discrimination [2008
   Discipline, para. 139]. We, as ordained elders, deacons, local
   pastors, and clergy are given the responsibility to preach, teach,
   lead, counsel, conduct marriages and funerals, and offer the
   sacraments of baptism and communion. The Spirit of God calls
   us to affirm that we will not discriminate in the exercise of our
   pastoral duties.

   We joyfully affirm that we will offer the grace of God, and our
   blessings, to any prepared couple desiring Christian marriage.
   We are convinced by the witness of Godís love for all people,
   and are compelled by Spirit and conscience to act. We thank
   the many United Methodists who have already called for full
   equality and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
   people in the life of the Church.

   We repent that it has taken us so long to act. We realize that our
   churchís discriminatory policies tarnish the witness of the Church
   to the world, and we are complicit. We value our covenant
   relationships and ask everyone to hold the divided community of
   the United Methodist Church in prayer.

Click here if you are an ordained elder, deacon,
local pastor, or provisional clergy and want to sign the statement.

(Bring it with you to our luncheon at Annual Conference)

Click here if you are a lay person and want to support
the Altar for All initiative.

(Bring it with you to our luncheon at Annual Conference)

Click here if you want additional ways to support
the Altar for All initiative.

(Bring it with you to our luncheon at Annual Conference)

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